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Do-It-Yourself Business Plan Templates for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Investors!

Business Plan Templates

Business Plan Templates & Workbooks for Excel Users

This web page supplies both free and modestly priced business plan templates (really Excel workbooks) for generating income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flow for a business plan.

The modestly priced business planning workbook (cost $9.95) represents an appropriate choice if you're creating pro forma financial statements as part of a business plan you'll share with a bank or outside investors. The second (free) business planning workbook is slightly out of date (because it doesn't use the newest format for the cash flow statement) but works just fine if you're doing pro forma financial statements for internal use only.

More Info on the $9.95 Business Planning Template

To generate "as if" financial statements for an outsider equity investor or for bank loan officer, you want to choose the Do-it-yourself Business Plan workbook. The Do-it-yourself workbook collects your input variables and then uses those variables to create 36 months of monthly financial statements and 3 years of annual financial statements. You can click the links below to see portions of the workbook:

  • workbook inputs schedule
  • monthly balance sheets
  • monthly cash flow statements
  • annual income statement
  • An important note: The $9.95 workbook not only uses the current GAAP format for the statement of cash flows. The $9.95 workbook also includes instructions for using and even customizing the business plan template.

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    Tip: The payment window provides you with a hyperlink you click to retrieve the zip file with the business plan template and instructions.

    Money Back Guarantee

    If for any reason you feel you don't get the business planning tool you need or one you can comfortably use, contact me at [email protected] and request a refund within 60 days. Your payment will be completely refunded. No questions, no hassles, no delay.

    More Info on the Free Business Plan Workbooks for Financial Statement Generation

    If you don't show your business plan's financial information to outside parties, you can download a free earlier version of the business planning workbook. This workbook was part of two books I wrote: "Business Planning and Forecasting with Microsoft Excel" (Microsoft Press 1988) and the "MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel 2002" (Redmond Technology Press 2001). The free template works just fine... The only minor issue with the free workbook is that the workbook doesn't use the newest, GAAP compliant cash flow statement but rather the old-style cash flow statements that was current when the first book was written.

  • 10-year business planning template (does P&L;, cash flow and balance sheet reports)
  • More Free Business Plan Templates

    One final suggestion: The Write Your Own Business Plan web site also supplies another dozen Free business planning templates from the MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel, including several debt amortization templates, a couple of investment analysis templates, some future value compound interest schedules, a sales and cost-of-goods-sold forecast schedule, and a break-even and profit-volume analysis workbook.









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